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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 27th, 2005 @ 12:09 pm Eye Created a Monster Walleye
Or in your I'm Mud! Just Call Me!!!

Blondie Cheers on the Manic Depression Impresses my Soles and I KNOW What I Want Just Cause but to go and Get IT?

Do you, know?

Jimmy Opens and See the Flight of Passed right over lots of Heads but to the Few that took in a moment the Trip to then and Younger Days and a different message tailered to each memories fleets of plethura Never? Had the Pleasure Desire to Been and would that Phrase manic captured the Moment would you use those words to describe your feelings of Then?

Not Likely so Why bells and Whistles in the Willow OrWell War of Words? how did that Happen and the coronation from there connects for a few to see Words and Thoughts Fade to Grey and the Fleet of FootSouls Oars Mandated and preverbs are Plenty Sails so Full and Water so Much Planety the Bulk is Yes! so ONE? boat know!

It's not an accident that so Many Boats solidly Historically Grounded are There and to Castanet! and be happy about and aROUND IT so many hands the Lines Left to Write and All Hands On all Decks From all the ShoRes together the ONE True Invinciable and So Majority that They are but Fleas a NewSense and they are as parasites Destined to be pointed to and Crushed At last and Atlas in Atlant is Holding us Up
Relax and Let's go.

All Ready?
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