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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 27th, 2005 @ 01:56 am A Knight to Shout Hoarse
My Midnight Kingdom Till For Or till it's a Horse of Course not a Night Perchance to Up Dream Know! not tonight Seems Most Likely the Case but this was the Scheduled UpandComing Attractions some Time Now I've been Mulling this Pillard CaseOver in My Sleeps and Everyone Flys in There You Know not even a Magic Carpet Ride just wing it and bam you fly the Light.

Once established the fact that yes in there Factoids are Flexible Flyers! and more than willowing to let the Stretch of that Monkey Organ and Up UP and Way it's Man oh Man here's a Quiet Approach to Water Crafted and the Flying thing On your Belly Superman Electric Swamp Buggy with the Fan on the Six and Plane as Day over that Water Woosh.

Think of the Guvnor!

Not Him though geez on Mars sure Must have had the Thought Already but and Electric WaterCraft with Parental Control's Elected as Guvnor to Set the Max REM NO! RPM not tonight No Rem either in the ether for the Matter of the Past this One yeah the Flying on your Belly Fiberglass formed Like and Props to AndroMEDIA!

So Yeah Sale Prone across and Waves!
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