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Jul. 25th, 2005 @ 11:08 am Mind AlltheRANTING DUNG HEAPS
Would You? Mind Altering
the Landscape? Cozy Still? smirk
and this time To not know such BasciASIC MATH that is an example of how truly Manipulated these Minds being Terribly Wrongly wasted by the FallSLY Leading and Sure they Read Loaud Over! Clear as Frell Straight to them!

Remember Being Younger and wonder what that Meant you see it NOW? The Underestimated and yet with Basic Math Calculating there Own New Opinions and Better not let them see? LOL can you really Keep them under thumb sure fast! make them pray to til for sleep is about the only real way to make them not think cause the Thoughts the thoughts just seem to get around walls HavenEars and HavNots and in the Near Future and stragglers willbeleft and right for everONE to Just pick them off early and gee had that been thought of long ago and misinterpretted cause people like to hear what they want Mistakes and They talk now and they don't stop time's changing and the landscape almost forgot this ONE and I'm Off!

Know off the Shelf Thoughts Is refered to hear and the Moon turns Sure but ask the Guy sitting on the Moon all these Years about the Reversed View from there to Here it is and Someone! with very very redundant but High Definition should Plant One Smack on the Moon! LOL Cirrius I am! and think lots of Solar to Charge over and Over and simple to aim not like it needs to BE, but a tweak and then walk the way and just Upload let the Globe do the Spinning Uplink and Link and Mirrors and now that's a WEB Wover! to weave into the Tie IN?

Talk About Having those ancient Greek's thought seated up there and the Big Statue ATLASt! It's up there and Arm's held High the BackGround Framed! in the shot the Globe Realtime Turns

Some Webcam that would be Perpetually in our Time Frame I Motion!

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