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Jul. 24th, 2005 @ 01:55 pm I Have No Idea!
How Tired I am and Tried Lots of Approaches here Just out for a Stroll Relax need a Nap No Big Deal In Fact sure I can feel the Future for Flying about Forcing! Kids to Count and yeah let them get a Reward and the reward is the free time how cruel Kids are Free as we all are.

That's True but at the Same time you see the Literial and Practicrial side of There is ONE coin Many Sides of that argument but yes make the kids count not Like Forcing Them to Sing for Supper a Few Centuries ago or Last Week's by the News&Stand on the Corner. Making the Kids Count is good for the Measuring Actuarately the Long Run!!! and there is More than One way to the Dice have No Numbers its Universial dots and BOOTS! that is how thoughts are you see the thought and the words you try so hard to wrap the box of thought in them but it's hard to do it right the Flaws show so Blatently and Then sometimes the Wrapping So Bright it must be Perfect! the True Literary Same of the Thought better not touch it or look into and Under the Wrapper for the Realtime Gift.

Kids Count.

Invert That Cliche and Take it For a kick the Tires aROUND Block and then Through the Barn Doors Wide Open for you I am going to Take an Nap.
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