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Jul. 22nd, 2005 @ 11:01 pm Commercial Air Brake!
er Airwaves Break and Yeah Commercials I see the New Thoughts in so Many and I with My Very Own Eyes this Morning saw a Car Commercial and They took a First Step Back and! Hold the Thought a Second I am not sure the Brand Type or Zoom Factor It was in Fact a Car I think not well maybe a truck but Everyway! the Pavement they Shot Brave and Not Wet! cause Sure Wet Asphalt Looks so so Clean found out back when? Dunno but someone saw and hey looks new and ad then ever single commercial for a Car in an AridScaped Back to the Same Oh and OH Say Can you see in Blue Skies with Wet Ground the Rainbow?

Not only they did not wet the Pavement down they Shadowed it with Something Flames maybe but its the Slipping of my thoughts NightTime Hear Sorry but as BedClothes for now as I can Reference Good Job! I watched Start to Finish might not by the Product sells the Idea though Great and Original!

And another Commercial Break and Big I'll Stick My Neck out and Plug and Link for the Sense they Showed and Yes Cell Phones like Rusty Bandwidth Sleep not and the Time of Day likely not to cost unlike POWER Yes! Off Peak that Makes and They actually not intentionally Likely but the Peak was CallForwarded to Weekends and Night so yes Flat Rate Ten Cents a Minute announced as the first to offer ONE rate no roaming time limits pay as you use and here's the Url!


Great Idea and Just a Suggestion because the number of $50 a FlatLand Month seems likely to be Aimed at by the big ones when Your First step Catches Stride so do the Math and cut the rate per minute Per Haps in Half to Nevin? and you will Triple the Profits because! People will spend that much on a long distance call and average the monthly base and they will have a number to live with and no need for a land line in that price bracket you'd better have a plan to expotentially expand and don't laugh and don't just believe do the math and now that you have set a Mark take a huge step and show the Sense of Reaching for the Long Run and it Will! Google ads or Not Once Yes I was First In Google So Glad that Made me small triumphs mean Much and Well yes not a Mention Really Anymore Inspite InktoME but it's GOOD and propogates or Matters Not.

That's a Great Idea and Word! of Mouth.

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