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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 22nd, 2005 @ 03:48 pm I like the Pace! Good Thought!
The Geese Are Migrating WEST!

Yeah to Pace I too Much? KnowToMuchThe AliansareInPA$E Navarre FloriDO! a Dear a Female Dear Yay!!! Saw a Hope for US All in One
Basket and back to the Pace!

Heads Up You are and Best of Lucks I'm Tired just the Thought of it!

Sitting still yeah Not My best Foot Forward! and Foots er Feeters are Meant to Restless are the Thoughts and Yet to Move would be Nice so! and So why not make even the Most Basic CycleER but Yeah this was a Thought for the Bestest and Take the Motionless Bike and OutRig and Lower and Into a Desked Charmed the Clearance Tween a Need for...

Hahahhahaha! LOL not gonna say it! but!

The need to Rest Less the Same Need to Do More and Tangent to the Forces Secure it Motionless.

The Nevin Cycle for your Desk in 2005!

Space Reserved to be Used Later In.

It's the Geee Whiz thing and Can't have any Loose Screws even in a Space Tug cause Literially Which way is Up is Relative.

Here's To You good Luck going for Number Seven!


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