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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 22nd, 2005 @ 02:27 pm "You Pick the Century
I'll Pick the Spot,"

Jimmy Buffet Dreamsicles! Chase the Truck or Get Boat Drinks! Don't and Dive but Skittle! that one more rainbow a Pet_Wash-O-Matic!!! Haul Wax and Get you're dogged in there for Twenty and Full Cycle Hither Be Clean! You Don't what Me Baby? and Hang In There IT's OK!!!

Oh Oh Oh Two and Know! I dang tried of This Yet? but no not IntereSting in Picking a Spot Don't Carve in Granite Myself Just Vague and Referenced Take it for a Thought or Two aRound the Block but Think a Safe In METERS! distance to the Top Floor then Floors down from it Safe and Tripple Locked Boxes and Even Locked between the Lines er Levels then Long Corridors with thin thin Gases but!

And Yeah See the Loose seals be Practical Outside the Quick is Not Safe Need to Suit Up for the Job and Walk but to Grasp at Straws is not the Same as Gasping at No Aire at all FEWisMany 2nds Gained Actually more much more is gained to key the Locke and Time the Cycle to Get Back In! when Accidentally the Door Shut behind you in the NightE and it happens sure! but it's the panic of Nothing that Kills and is and Should be Feared. A Few Breaths of Anything will in fact fool the sense long enough to get back in the Grooves cut safe in the Bedded Rock? Dunno No Clue Knock First!

Humans Like the Light Let it fill the Valleys Cut the Pyramids are Aligned See the Point of that one Stonehinged into this Story? That ONE! Light No Green Gases Above to Filter and yeah that is what you do not look with the Eye and of course it will BLIND anyone but the filter through the Layers ChloroTransformed into Levels and Filter for the Release of EndoFriends Young and Old and have Vision.

It's a Big Step and Will In a Short Period based on Safe Redundant and Off the Shelves don't rush when making ONE plan to make More for the Long Run and The Door is there for the Sure of Foot in Time yes The Extra Extra's! Read about IT and Yeah Just must be some Magic Almost Number minimum Population to allow Normal People need to Relax Goals and then the Long Walk to Anywhere.

Make your Goals Big Time sure in a Practical Weigh Yeah that Water Weigh's So So Heavy and Structurally it is not at all the Same yet People that would seem reasonable to Compressed and Airlocks Even but Each Foot Above ONEs head...

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