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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 22nd, 2005 @ 07:47 am I'm AwakE and Can't Get the Words Out Of My Head!
And Dang the Song is Going Round and aROUND Cliff of Dover I never quite remember those Lyrics but it's ok I just make them up as I
go long for this Pass the Imitation is the In The Sense Being I mean Coconuts are Fattening? or FlatNing Strucks again and aGAIN of Imitation REturns the Compliment!

IMITATION! thy Highest for if "FlatNING!
the Merciful" Not Gonna Lemme Go huh?

Relax I actually Slipped a Few Hours and Need Some Coffee is All and Hey that Orange You beWackD on the Block It is a Beautiful Day for Jonathan Swoopers?????????????????

An Olympic Sport! They Live give em a Metal! make it Brass!@

He haw so Much for keeping you feet on the Ground and I'll get back to that Orange and Scoring AC after Coffee.

PS: A heliocopper is not really the way to get the AC back on I wasn't sure that would Register with you since you're so busy trying to think of those Lyrics but Think!

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