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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 21st, 2005 @ 04:41 pm I'm Getting Tens of Hits!
But it's Consistent and Every Ping Out REinVERBrates a Higher Formed Life Back in Silhouette and Not that It matters Really but those scarey HeloEYEs from the Sky Low after Home and Dang Got Outside Camera Up aim Click Card in the House LOL so that ONE missed it by Thaaaat! much! Great Turn on the Dime there And the Lake Wake dunno Sure! It Can but IT's Not a Dare be safe and Weeeeee! that's some Ride!

And while Stepping Up To Brag of the Tens of Hits to I must and Admit this an NOW at One time I may have in Fact possibly BeemMeUpFor SCOTTY guilty of the Slip of the Tongues and In Public Oh MY said LOL.

Not a Lull and in Rhyme sounds sort of halfway between Pool and Pull Not Quite Read but Not Orange Either.

Realizing that yes LOL is not really Meant to be spoken aloud and Geez what really Rhymes perfect to it Lots of things depending on the Accent or none to Few kind of Odd but well no buts it's feels so fuzzy to think of How to Really Pronounce that One LOL!

Johnathan Helo
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