Crash Tester (senseless) wrote,
Crash Tester

Speculative Ewes Educate

And Yet the What if's of Common Sense Says to Yeah Good Idea Tell Someone and or well that Idea yes it would work YES! or it could be bad and Gee maybe they didn't think about it let's show we Know more and say you guys forgot about this but we didn't.

That's no line there is no line no point to DeMark and Each to own there Ownd JudgeMENt and Copycat's yeah exactly what they do so Think of things to copy???????????

Common sense should Prevail.

Be Responsible. And sure common knowledge that to hold it Even and Squeeze Fast the Pellotted Mushrooms but that is not the same as Step by Step

Baby Steps! Well faster at First then it's a Nice Long Walk.

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