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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 21st, 2005 @ 07:32 am Out of Line and Mind the Que
Incidents Intensify and see a gap in the Line think you can step in and get the free ride up those stairs and so ignorant I'd have to use real words but yeah can't petition and Are so so so fooled that to believe you could take an easy way there? Like ewes can avoid the life time of trials tributes and successes all must achieve to get in that safe place in the Memories Eternal?

That Path is a ONEd way Ticket and Yes Your SOul Own'd and Eternal now sure but a far afar far can't get there from there way off and they ply you with Dark in Cavernous and False words wanted to hear
not the words that Need to be heard in order to see the Light.

No Quarter Deleted for Eternity and are not Happy and the Raven you Never Will and in Time the True aROUND will Point and Shred the Bad from the Crowd.

Wail and Cry to no Avail and in that case your Sound is Unheard no matter the Fall.
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