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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 20th, 2005 @ 05:54 am Werd!
Word I mean Not Weird I can't speel too wheelERs are not forgotten one LEARNED and Passed Under Par then Up the Steps and talk about beating on the Dead's Hearse and that poor poor Horse always sort of getting left out in the Pasture Hay! It's the Reward to Being. Let the Lucky Horse Be Content.

Simple as That to BE.

No Wonder those words Ring the Boat better Row or if You can Wade then Wade but Push. Well maybe if You can Wade be an Anchor just hold theHorses IT STILL But know Better Row! LOL Not gonna Pin Donkey! down I STAY or Should I Row? Just Cause! never an Easy Answer Except Yes! There is One in the Final Two Minutes and Let someone, anyONE Adopt that Baby and Yes in that ONE! respect the LAW and How Could anyone think that did not feel wrong TWO Minutes Away from Making a Family not Forgotten Trust that ONE Remembered and Was!

Imagine saying we are the Highest Moral's Here and You cannot Have That! We Must Throw it out with the Dishwasher Justin Case! We can't Take a Chance in How That Might Be Brought Up and Wait! Stem Cells was that Brought Up careful Paying Attention is Heavily RewardedTaxed in My World and sure look Them in the Eye and Say NO! You must suffer because wedonut KNOW what is Moral or Not and heard the Light.

Here Theyre ßLights of Dragoons and Dragons Tigers and Bears!
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