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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 18th, 2005 @ 03:49 pm Orange! and Glad to Not Be the Cat
Not in the Hat but Red and Dwarfed with the Mechanically INklined Kryton what a Bright Bright CryptoLight Hold Onto or Let go Your Inflections and the Two Together, and Separated Across the Time Fold in Reverse they Walked forward and the rest walked Back but Kryton was bright Ecleticrically as mentioned and could translate the Tongue in his Head For Whom? Lister? Vin Vin Vin De La Lew? skip2 For Bells tolled?

No Smeg hisself that was but in other Episodes Listerine Yes he Was!N Another Time with Same Cat andother Elder Meant to Be Wise~Man! what a Cliche' but it was Back Eden then Sounding like Figi and Lister was Huh? How Frickin Absorbed if you were a Cat it's relative Time and Again In His Image he Made, What?!? I just can't see that Image myself but I do see the way the Thought was made and it's GOOD.

And Poor Lister Two was sent to the Beginning in a Handbasket?Box to Begin Again.

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