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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 18th, 2005 @ 09:50 am You Want to LIVE in a Vacume?

and it's in Site but First and then There's more Always but hey this is and such a Focus on the Parabol?huh? never can spell that` ONE!

WRight! Of

Center Common Sense and Don't Give Two Bits!


On Sight No Quarter? cause it must be and yes don't stand to Close cause it happens and sorry but It's that Distance thing Just between the Quick and the so Blatently Wrong give Yourself Room don't wait to Have someone throw you a Rope Out.

In a Vacume Safe on One Side don't let that vermin in from the very beginning cause they will try and open that door. Protocals and Lockes Work but to try and Make a Cage without a Door and Know can't do it.

ONsite is How to Build Take Point and Go Team!
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