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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 16th, 2005 @ 06:58 am Step up Across the Event Horizon
And the Times down and Passing The LilMouse in Flatland Feel the Gravity of the situation PullNING in all the Directions and with Only TWO dimensions it May be Safe if Aligned Perpendicular to the Vector but Careful!

The slightest Deviation most likely to Pieces cause It's Not a Point but, If A Point and Choose Well Which to Make or Be not That Force is all powerfull existing Outside the Dimensions of that Sixth Locked Box or Tesseract'd All the Way PAST AND GooglePlexed TO! That One Point is Unchanged and Does it Feel Wrong?

That ONE point could yes Safely Cross the Event and In fact without MASS may indeed return INTACT.

Or Just Skip a Few Chapters to the Beginning cause Remember, It's all Good if IT Begins Well.

Don't Panic and Poof.


I NEEd a break but I'm Still Here.
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