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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 17th, 2016 @ 05:07 pm Hahahhaha!
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Jul. 2nd, 2016 @ 09:23 am Tick Tock
And the stress level builds till Tuesday.

Got Debbie an LC9 for a wedding present!
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Jun. 5th, 2016 @ 09:06 am Getting Married July 5th!
Debbie and I will be getting married July fifth with the reception at http://www.enforcementfirearms.com/!

Shotgun wedding! LOL
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Dec. 14th, 2015 @ 12:31 pm Life Goes On
Current Location: DeFuniak Springs, Florida
Current Mood: productive
Mary is on my mind all the time and I miss the heck out of her. She asked me to start dating when she passed and I have been. Her name is Debbie and we are really getting along well. Been staying busy working on many many things. Almost have a brand new engine in the suburban straight from GM, Sorting though a couple years of receipts and unopened mail I had just filled up boxes with cause I had reached the point I had too much on my plate and couldn't keep up, finishing all the odds and ends I never got around to on the house. Almost finished remodeling the cabin on the farm except for the soffit and fascia, a few tiles around the kitchen sink and a door to hide the hot water heater and some touch up painting. Redoing the sprinkler system with the help of some friends, even made a big dent cleaning and organizing the garages! Finding out who my real friends are. Have a lot of helping hands and for that I am grateful. Hopefully in a few months when I am close to being caught up I'll be working at a friend's FFL / SOT!
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Nov. 16th, 2015 @ 05:06 am Things change
My wife of twenty plus years passed in September after a very long illness.

Mary is the smartest woman I've ever met and we were married after four weeks of dating.

It worked. I miss her.
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Aug. 2nd, 2015 @ 05:33 pm Another Day in the Life of Mike!
Once again!

I'm back!

Finally remembered my password hahahha!

Dern Amnesia.

Was unloading a crate engine and it slipped so I slammed it with my face and shoved it back!

Actually broke a board on the crate!!!!!

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Nov. 6th, 2014 @ 05:47 pm Always a Silver Lining!
Woke up this morning tired from three steady weeks of making some repairs to the exterior of the house, got the yard all established and planted rye grass in case we get some strong rains cause all the water from the street runs down the lot lines of the house. Fertilized the yard and my neighbors, made a huge step in getting the garages cleaned up and clear walkways to get to stuff, had the deep well pump replaced and found out the water in my casing rises 14 feet from the top so am adding a hand pump to it.

Need to upload more pictures of these activities to Flickr, cause if there's no photo it didn't happen, but I'm still worn out and that will have to wait till tomorrow BUT.....

I got a phone call from my best Friend's Jim's Widow's Son this morning saying he needed to sell the Suburban and wanted me to tell people and told me what he was asking.

It's a 1985 G20 4WD Silverado eighty percent restored. Jim got it mechanical restored then stripped it and redid it in two stage with a catalyst paint, in the Classic black and silver two tone. Interior needs finished, three power door locks need replaced, needs the little bits of over spray on the window molding here and there and the rubber for the wiring harness in each door but he had put a lot of time into the truck.

He also saved my life after the wreck showing up to change the various dressing I couldn't do myself twice a day, drove me to work the first week until they could get a replacement cause I was worried people would get their internet cut off since most paid in cash.

When I got gangrene and septic he drove me to P'Cola and read the surgeon that did the second half of my hospital stay over there what must have been a serious conversations cause she had me on IV antibiotics for a week to stabilize me and made arrangements for me to have a long stay at UAB.

Three hundred miles away.

Jim Drove me there, stayed with me until I was actually in a room and made sure they had his contact number and all the other information they needed about me.

Came back five and a half weeks later and picked me up.


Antique in 2015!

Best Friend Jim's 1985 3/4 ton Suburban!

1995 G20 Silverado Suburban!


New Treads and lock out hubs!
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Oct. 14th, 2014 @ 01:34 pm Just an observation....
Not wanting to fuel the Ebola situation since I don't have any actual facts to throw out, but the s news dejoure seems to be focused how to get in an out of a HazMat suit properly.

I admit to being a complete novice at this but I have watched demonstration after demonstration today cause the news is on when we have hurricanes and such, and everyone starts with them taking their gloves off first, which makes sense cause typically that would be the most contaminated spot, but then I see BARE SKIN!!!!

What happened to double gloving?????

CDC Please Splurge for a second pair of gloves to be put on first and taken off last while using this gear?

But what do I know?

Simple change, pre-step one, put on sterile gloves.
Step One, follow previous memo.
Step Last, (addendum), remove sterile gloves and continue as directed.

Caption This!
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Oct. 12th, 2014 @ 06:21 pm They still Love me!
Mailing lists are Forever!

Actually I'd use this one if it wasn't going to cost me ten dollars in gas to get there!

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Oct. 6th, 2014 @ 02:39 pm Stuff!
Current Location: Yard
Yes Honestly I have been doing many many many things at the same time and of course not completely finishing them...

Have an experienced helper that can work three months so The goal is to finish the odds and ends on the house, fix the cabin up one last time and finish the turn the roughed in office downstairs below grade into an emergency bedroom so we can relocate my wife when a hurricane gets near cause evacuating in a major system is a nightmare and once I got to wherever we were headed I could not care for her as well as we can here, so I have an exemption from the County.

I'll be making a concerted effort to document all the STUFF that I have been doing since I accidently abandoned this place hahhaha!

dern amnesia....

Finishing up the yard first cause the lot slopes so much and Florida is a pile of sand. Seems petty maybe but if I don't have a good lawn it can wash out over night in a heavy rain. It became infested with crabgrass cause I over seeded it a few years ago then foolishly used hay cause I couldn't find actual straw, to cover the new seed.

Had to kill the entire thing off in the spring to get rid of it and still have the accursed weed popping up in places but the yard is stabilized for the winter now and the centipede will fill in all the gaps next summer.

Sprinkler keeps getting run over


Get the Point?

Potted Cat!

Wuff helping out.

Manual Labor
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Sep. 28th, 2014 @ 06:48 am Recovered my Password!
LOL! found it, lost it, found it again!

Haven't been able to unscreen comment or post all summer more or less.

My apologies!

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Jul. 30th, 2014 @ 09:25 am I'm back in my account!
Too many email accounts and I have a habit of using a lot of different passwords and had forgotten mine. Forgot what email account was tied to it to!

Have a great deal of trouble getting the timber on the tree farm thinned :(

Trees were planted twice cause the first summer we had a drought, the timber company assumed the seedlings had died and came back and replanted it all again for nothing...

The seedlings actually were thriving, the soil up there is perfect for timber and I am just the end of a sand and gravel aquifer, even have smooth pebbles near the surface in a few spots and seven springs to drink right from the ground. Layer of clay eight feet down stops the water from draining from the sand so they did great.

So did the second planting LOL!

I didn't know a thing about being a tree farmer way back then and I DID tell them the trees were fine but let them replant cause I figured the more the better. Bad Decisions. My trees are tall as heck now after 20 years but they are two feet apart and really only suitable to be chipped for making paper cause they are so skinny. I am wanted a severe thinning, keeping just 50 to 60 of the biggest trees so they branch out and form a canopy in five years, clear a 30 foot wide perimeter, seven acres for a future Home and orchard, 20 feet wide roads, about a mile and a half worth and I need to clear a right away to run power to where eventually I'd like to build a home to retire in.

Not enough timber dollars for a timber company to justify relocating their equipment and paying me by the ton. All signed up for the timber program again so I can have the forestry department help me do a controlled burn this Winter or Spring, than another in three years. Put in fire brakes and get all the technical assistance I need to control erosion cause the property is a huge valley with stream though the middle, the steepest slopes in the county and not at all what people envision when imagining a flat Florida...

I've resorted to trying to give the timber away for the work of thinning it and all, which is a risk cause I hate to say it but a lot of timber companies will promise you the world, then go in and tear stuff up and leave a huge mess :(

Mary's caregivers are already working too hard so I would be hesitant to ask them to work longer days for a week so I could stay on the property and be straw boss.

I can hear a pin drop in this place and it needs a serious dusting!
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May. 31st, 2014 @ 08:30 am Dern Amnesia!!!!!!!!!
I SWEAR I will start doin updates!!!!!!!


So much going on here and Tomorrow starts Hurricane Season!
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Mar. 7th, 2014 @ 01:22 pm Mike Bukowski's Fabrication shop's Website!
Mike's an online friend that has a fabrication / welding business.

He made me and extra large grill top with legs 90 % done, just fit the pieces together and weld here....

It's for the wood burning pool heater emergency after a hurricane hot shower water heater fire pit project in the previous post and will sit in the front of the pit for grilling. Also have the parts to build a swinging arm for a big kettle I picked up on black Friday and fully operational rotisserie set up that I will need to lengthen.

Mike is really a GOOD guy!

I'll post pictures when It gets here and hopefully can have a fire in the thing. If it works when the leaves fall in two months I can burn them and have the pool warm enough to get into as soon as it's cleaned up. I keep wishing I had made the pool shorter and further from the property line so I could enclose it with decorative block filled with concrete.

Add some windows for light and a package unit heat pump and it would be usable year round, easier to maintain, and block the West side on my house where the worse winds of a hurricane would come from. If I slope the roof flat away from the house I will be able to see the back twenty feet of the yard and dock so I could see what was going on out there if the grandkids were fishing, but it's so close to the lot line I'd need a variance to pour a footer all around it to block it.

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Feb. 25th, 2014 @ 10:44 am Looks Around
I've been doing stuff!

I need to do some catching up if I could just remember what it is I've been doing.....

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Aug. 29th, 2013 @ 05:56 pm Ouch!
Current Mood: draineddrained

Two painful trips to the Docs this week....

Almost finished with the welding on the firepit pool heater and on Monday I went down there and pick up the center box to hold the SS loop and sand, probably 120-150 pounds, and would have no trouble carrying it around, but I had lean out further than I THUNK I could set it down so when I thuck it down in the middle I misjudged my breaking point by about four inches, and fell flat on my face after something in my lumber area popped loud enough for me to hear...

Took ten minutes to get to my feet, then I reached up to the beam across the ceiling and hung from it for about thirty minutes, then slowly walked upstairs and got in the tub with the water as hot as it could get.

Thought I was OK but woke Tuesday I actually made an appointment to see my Doc cause my lumbar area was tighter than a drum skin. Got put on four things, but I've been hobbling around all week and actually got a lot done with the help of Eric welding grinding sandblasting and cleaning up the shop. I really just need to put the really heavy angle iron I have for the top of the sides edges, then cut some pipe up to make the hinge that will let you flip a top over to hold in the heat, and will double as a good sized hot plate if we get slammed by a hurricane, plus act as a roof in the rain so the fire keeps going.

Make a thirty by eight? inch "Chimney", so it will be able to burn pine, and I'm thinking I could make a smoker attachment to pop over the smoke exit into a barrel of some sorts but that not any time soon lol.

Today I went to an oral surgeon and had two molars cut free of my jaw and oddly enough it's my back that hurts more than my mouth cause it an hour drive for me one way, sitting.

I suspect tomorrow though it will be a fight between the two Pains just for bragging rights hahhaha!
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Aug. 2nd, 2013 @ 12:04 pm So Far So Good!
The Wood burning water heater project is coming along nicely!

Scored another piece of plate steel exactly wide enough to build the box for the coils instead of using the one eight stuff, got some more stainless pipe so I can send it to the pool without worrying about a hose exploding, plus I decided I didn't want some kid with soaking wet feet to step on the return line cause I bet it's pretty hot water, so I'm gonna lay the two lines side by side an inch from the deck, fill around them like I'm pouring concrete with expandable foam, trim it when it's dry and then pour trowel cement over it so it's like a very slow speed bump.

Gonna add a blow off valve to on both the lines in and out in case the return stops loses water and it suddenly starts pumping out steam...

I think I'm gonna head up to the tree farm and bring home two loads of concrete block for the shower, fill them with concrete and either a plate steel or concrete roof that will stand up to a good storm, cause I'll need to run the shower hot water into a holding tank, and have a valve and second programmable temp switch I can put the sensor going on the pipe headed into the pipe, and use the sensor to open the valve hooked to cold water to "dilute" it down to one twenty maybe so no one gets in their and shuts the cold water off and suddenly is scalded like a lobster.

Stuff to do but I'll upload some pics and add them to this post later tonight....

If I remember LOL!
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Jul. 20th, 2013 @ 07:29 pm New Vid!
Two projects at once!

Meant to say get away with it about knocking the door in the back wall, and yard tools instead of hand tools.

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Jun. 27th, 2013 @ 02:03 pm Busy Busy Busy!
I've been off up on the tree farm cleaning up all the mess the last tenant left me, working on the yard, cleaning the stupid pool which I haven't been in yet but it has gotten some use from the grandkids, and my wife's main Caregiver with a big Capitol C, lined my now two helpers up with some work of their own working for some neighbors, so Alex and his brother Eric have gotten their foot in the door pretty well.

I remember being young and loving being self employed, working every day, long hours...

I'm older now LOL. Everything creeps along but at a snail's pace.

Not sure if I'm gonna redo the cabin or not. It would take me a month at least and I'd need to collect eight months rent to break even so not being where I can keep an eye on it I could be in the same boat a year from now. If I knew a single person I trusted that needed a place I'd do it if they were likely to stay a few years, but I really think I am gonna just clean it up and take the door handle off so if someone does decide to break in they don't need to smash my windows to do it /.

Shots from the last time I redid it just before the last tenant moved in... http://www.flickr.com/photos/senseless_/tags/cabin/show/

For the same amount of money and time, I could turn the office down stairs into a below grade emergency bedroom to relocate the wife for a Cat four or five storm, and I think I have enough left overs from the big nightmare of endless remodeling of the other rentals back in 2012...

Thought I'd get back to You Tube, and video tape the process. Everyone is on me to finish The Top Secret Bunker!

LOL, but I just down have a way to get a wheel chair down there without having to blindfold my wife and say "Trust Me!" hahhaha.

She get's claustrophobia which is why the real bunker, the shaft was just a test to looks at the soils and find the water table, is meant to appear to be a small apartment on the beach from inside. Finished walls with fake windows, beach photos behind the glass and curtains, tile floor, real furniture and maybe seven hundred square feet. If I can start off from scratch again using the office into a safe bedroom for emergencies as a stepping stone, and get my subscribers back, maybe I can turn it into a Reality Show hahhahahhah!

Baby Steps....

That's how all this began.

Future Emergency Bedroom
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May. 25th, 2013 @ 10:32 am Wood Burning Pool Heater!
Firepit Pool Heater Parts!

I need 2 more elbows and 2 lengths of SS Pipe. $20 scored me this heavy duty shelf to scrap for steel, plus end up with a good work table since I only need the bottom shelf to build a box around the 70ft of coil. I'm gonna put the coil in the center of it, fill it with sand to store and transfer heat, and mount it in the middle of a cement firepit.

No chimney means I can burn anything from leave to pine logs, and I've got a small tree farm fifteen miles from me with an endless supply of fuel..

Add a very small sump pump to a hotwater rated hose to one end of the coil and set it in the pool, and run a second hose from the outlet side and eventually I'll add a sensor to shut the pump off when the water cools down.

Also the firepit will be at about the same level as the bottom of the pool, and hot water rises, so next year when we burn leaves we should be able to heat the pool right before we open it, and the black winter cover had it at 84 degrees, plus we can keep it warm long after fall gets here so Mary can excersise a bit

Since it's lower I'll also be able to build an emergency out door shower if we lose power for a long time, and draw both hot and cold water to it from the pool, which is in ground and has a good chance of surviving, or else just hook it to the well which has it's own generator, already checked them for hurricane season 2013.

Parts for a Woodburning Pool Heater!!
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May. 16th, 2013 @ 06:02 pm Wrapping things Up....
Got the risers to the lids of the septic tank finished which will save me a lotta digging if I ever need to get the tank pumped again.

I'll make proper lids over the weekend instead of the temporary ones that are there to keep dirt from falling inside, and I'm gonna end up with enough extra to finish putting a layer over the rest of the bare spots and plant the Centipede seed that I finally found yesterday while getting all the parts for the Jaguar together.

It was finally hauled outta here this morning!

I can actually walk around down there without tripping over the thing and even park the truck inside if I feel inclined to do so....

I'm gonna plant the grass seed this weekend while it's all raked loose cause the rain seems to be avoiding me, but it's halfway through May already and I want it to have a long time to grow before next winter.

Risors Completed!
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