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Mar. 13th, 2007 @ 10:09 am Floating Steel
A few yesterdays or weeks ago maybe since I don't really recall but back then when I was tractoring and cleaning up the yard I cleaned up a mistake I made a while back.

I have a 500 gallon tank I use to hold air when I sandblast things and its about 12 foot long and took a lot of floorspace in the garage and even further back when before the driveway was in but hopefully after the wreck cause I must have thought it was a good idea and that would give me an excuse but I painted it with rustolium and buried it. It would have rusted through reguardless rust never sleeping and then I wouldn't have a tank but a hole in the ground so I thought well I should dig it up but how to without putting a hole in it and then I was daydreaming about chaining the tank to stumps in the lake and filling it with air and what a lot of force I could generate with a 500 gallon balloon underwater and then it was so clear.

I dug a hole next to and below the level of the tank with the backhoe and threw a hose in and let it fill with water which loosened the sand then the tank a bit so in the end a slight tap and it popped out of the hole like a cork.

I'll hide it under the back porch for the time being.

The Spot

Just Add Water


Floated Up

It still holds air...

Air Tank
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