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Mar. 7th, 2014 @ 01:22 pm Mike Bukowski's Fabrication shop's Website!
Mike's an online friend that has a fabrication / welding business.

He made me and extra large grill top with legs 90 % done, just fit the pieces together and weld here....

It's for the wood burning pool heater emergency after a hurricane hot shower water heater fire pit project in the previous post and will sit in the front of the pit for grilling. Also have the parts to build a swinging arm for a big kettle I picked up on black Friday and fully operational rotisserie set up that I will need to lengthen.

Mike is really a GOOD guy!

I'll post pictures when It gets here and hopefully can have a fire in the thing. If it works when the leaves fall in two months I can burn them and have the pool warm enough to get into as soon as it's cleaned up. I keep wishing I had made the pool shorter and further from the property line so I could enclose it with decorative block filled with concrete.

Add some windows for light and a package unit heat pump and it would be usable year round, easier to maintain, and block the West side on my house where the worse winds of a hurricane would come from. If I slope the roof flat away from the house I will be able to see the back twenty feet of the yard and dock so I could see what was going on out there if the grandkids were fishing, but it's so close to the lot line I'd need a variance to pour a footer all around it to block it.
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Feb. 25th, 2014 @ 10:44 am Looks Around
I've been doing stuff!

I need to do some catching up if I could just remember what it is I've been doing.....

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Aug. 29th, 2013 @ 05:56 pm Ouch!
Current Mood: draineddrained

Two painful trips to the Docs this week....

Almost finished with the welding on the firepit pool heater and on Monday I went down there and pick up the center box to hold the SS loop and sand, probably 120-150 pounds, and would have no trouble carrying it around, but I had lean out further than I THUNK I could set it down so when I thuck it down in the middle I misjudged my breaking point by about four inches, and fell flat on my face after something in my lumber area popped loud enough for me to hear...

Took ten minutes to get to my feet, then I reached up to the beam across the ceiling and hung from it for about thirty minutes, then slowly walked upstairs and got in the tub with the water as hot as it could get.

Thought I was OK but woke Tuesday I actually made an appointment to see my Doc cause my lumbar area was tighter than a drum skin. Got put on four things, but I've been hobbling around all week and actually got a lot done with the help of Eric welding grinding sandblasting and cleaning up the shop. I really just need to put the really heavy angle iron I have for the top of the sides edges, then cut some pipe up to make the hinge that will let you flip a top over to hold in the heat, and will double as a good sized hot plate if we get slammed by a hurricane, plus act as a roof in the rain so the fire keeps going.

Make a thirty by eight? inch "Chimney", so it will be able to burn pine, and I'm thinking I could make a smoker attachment to pop over the smoke exit into a barrel of some sorts but that not any time soon lol.

Today I went to an oral surgeon and had two molars cut free of my jaw and oddly enough it's my back that hurts more than my mouth cause it an hour drive for me one way, sitting.

I suspect tomorrow though it will be a fight between the two Pains just for bragging rights hahhaha!
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Aug. 2nd, 2013 @ 12:04 pm So Far So Good!
The Wood burning water heater project is coming along nicely!

Scored another piece of plate steel exactly wide enough to build the box for the coils instead of using the one eight stuff, got some more stainless pipe so I can send it to the pool without worrying about a hose exploding, plus I decided I didn't want some kid with soaking wet feet to step on the return line cause I bet it's pretty hot water, so I'm gonna lay the two lines side by side an inch from the deck, fill around them like I'm pouring concrete with expandable foam, trim it when it's dry and then pour trowel cement over it so it's like a very slow speed bump.

Gonna add a blow off valve to on both the lines in and out in case the return stops loses water and it suddenly starts pumping out steam...

I think I'm gonna head up to the tree farm and bring home two loads of concrete block for the shower, fill them with concrete and either a plate steel or concrete roof that will stand up to a good storm, cause I'll need to run the shower hot water into a holding tank, and have a valve and second programmable temp switch I can put the sensor going on the pipe headed into the pipe, and use the sensor to open the valve hooked to cold water to "dilute" it down to one twenty maybe so no one gets in their and shuts the cold water off and suddenly is scalded like a lobster.

Stuff to do but I'll upload some pics and add them to this post later tonight....

If I remember LOL!
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Jul. 20th, 2013 @ 07:29 pm New Vid!
Two projects at once!

Meant to say get away with it about knocking the door in the back wall, and yard tools instead of hand tools.

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Jun. 27th, 2013 @ 02:03 pm Busy Busy Busy!
I've been off up on the tree farm cleaning up all the mess the last tenant left me, working on the yard, cleaning the stupid pool which I haven't been in yet but it has gotten some use from the grandkids, and my wife's main Caregiver with a big Capitol C, lined my now two helpers up with some work of their own working for some neighbors, so Alex and his brother Eric have gotten their foot in the door pretty well.

I remember being young and loving being self employed, working every day, long hours...

I'm older now LOL. Everything creeps along but at a snail's pace.

Not sure if I'm gonna redo the cabin or not. It would take me a month at least and I'd need to collect eight months rent to break even so not being where I can keep an eye on it I could be in the same boat a year from now. If I knew a single person I trusted that needed a place I'd do it if they were likely to stay a few years, but I really think I am gonna just clean it up and take the door handle off so if someone does decide to break in they don't need to smash my windows to do it /.

Shots from the last time I redid it just before the last tenant moved in...

For the same amount of money and time, I could turn the office down stairs into a below grade emergency bedroom to relocate the wife for a Cat four or five storm, and I think I have enough left overs from the big nightmare of endless remodeling of the other rentals back in 2012...

Thought I'd get back to You Tube, and video tape the process. Everyone is on me to finish The Top Secret Bunker!

LOL, but I just down have a way to get a wheel chair down there without having to blindfold my wife and say "Trust Me!" hahhaha.

She get's claustrophobia which is why the real bunker, the shaft was just a test to looks at the soils and find the water table, is meant to appear to be a small apartment on the beach from inside. Finished walls with fake windows, beach photos behind the glass and curtains, tile floor, real furniture and maybe seven hundred square feet. If I can start off from scratch again using the office into a safe bedroom for emergencies as a stepping stone, and get my subscribers back, maybe I can turn it into a Reality Show hahhahahhah!

Baby Steps....

That's how all this began.

Future Emergency Bedroom
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May. 25th, 2013 @ 10:32 am Wood Burning Pool Heater!
Firepit Pool Heater Parts!

I need 2 more elbows and 2 lengths of SS Pipe. $20 scored me this heavy duty shelf to scrap for steel, plus end up with a good work table since I only need the bottom shelf to build a box around the 70ft of coil. I'm gonna put the coil in the center of it, fill it with sand to store and transfer heat, and mount it in the middle of a cement firepit.

No chimney means I can burn anything from leave to pine logs, and I've got a small tree farm fifteen miles from me with an endless supply of fuel..

Add a very small sump pump to a hotwater rated hose to one end of the coil and set it in the pool, and run a second hose from the outlet side and eventually I'll add a sensor to shut the pump off when the water cools down.

Also the firepit will be at about the same level as the bottom of the pool, and hot water rises, so next year when we burn leaves we should be able to heat the pool right before we open it, and the black winter cover had it at 84 degrees, plus we can keep it warm long after fall gets here so Mary can excersise a bit

Since it's lower I'll also be able to build an emergency out door shower if we lose power for a long time, and draw both hot and cold water to it from the pool, which is in ground and has a good chance of surviving, or else just hook it to the well which has it's own generator, already checked them for hurricane season 2013.

Parts for a Woodburning Pool Heater!!
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May. 16th, 2013 @ 06:02 pm Wrapping things Up....
Got the risers to the lids of the septic tank finished which will save me a lotta digging if I ever need to get the tank pumped again.

I'll make proper lids over the weekend instead of the temporary ones that are there to keep dirt from falling inside, and I'm gonna end up with enough extra to finish putting a layer over the rest of the bare spots and plant the Centipede seed that I finally found yesterday while getting all the parts for the Jaguar together.

It was finally hauled outta here this morning!

I can actually walk around down there without tripping over the thing and even park the truck inside if I feel inclined to do so....

I'm gonna plant the grass seed this weekend while it's all raked loose cause the rain seems to be avoiding me, but it's halfway through May already and I want it to have a long time to grow before next winter.

Risors Completed!
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May. 15th, 2013 @ 12:18 pm Plan Ahead!
Mary loves roses but I'm really cheap when it comes to somethings...

I don't even drink Mogen David!

My Grandfather, Daddy Doc used to grow them, especially the climbing variety which is why I wanted the new fence to be covered with them.

Natures Barbed Wire!

Half the ones I had in the original Rose Garden I promised Mary long long ago were accendently of the climbing variety and spread all over. I seporated them last winter and put the climbing ones around back to add to the fence, except for two I just found hiding in the collection of bush types in Terra Cota pots that I'll move today since I've got not one but Two helpers, Alex and his brother that's visiting.

Gonna redo the rose garden with a slab of white pavers leved out real well and the seams filed with pour portland cement broomed into the grass and dusted with the hose, and the entire proccess repeated every day and I'll completely solve the cutting the grass around the pots problem ninety percent of the way. The weeds being weeds will still find crevices in the cracks but round up will fix that.

Plucked this one for Mary to wake up to and didn't spend a dime! ;o)

Jags leaving tommorrow AM so I gave Alex a long long list so it is a smooth exchange LOL.

Just in and out and gone! Major headache for the past decade out of hair, what's left of it!

Back to work!

I'm Cheap!
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May. 14th, 2013 @ 09:29 am Feng Shui!
Or, Ya Gotta take your Yang with Your Yin!

Weird night resulting in no sleep.

My home is lined up almost perfectly to Magnetic North just by chance, not pyramid tolerances although the setting sun does cast my shadow in perfect alighnment to the orientation of the house, and two beams of light travel almost to the top of my driveway every year on my Birthday...

I've checked it with photos the day before, during, and after, using the tiles and a dowl rod in a stand and it's gotta be within seconds of being aligned.

I Meant to Do That!

LOL no just another Coincidence....

Anyways if I didn't mention it during my lapse I built a Tivo on Steroids a while back, six digital network tuners feeding an eight terabyte RAID5 server. Close to four thousand hours of recording time. I have a few hundred movies I thought my wife would like and have it set to record more I selected anytime they come on, even if its a year or two from now, and I'm starting to get a pretty good collection of mostly the classics that anyone in the house can access and watch. The TV is set up as a cloned monitor to one of the computers and last night we decided to watch something, forgot already what it was, but I had moved my bed that has always had my head facing South and my feet in the North, but had rolled it about fifty degrees counter clockwise to watch the flick. Fell asleep without bothering to roll it back, and in my sleep I apparently was constantly trying to turn myself so my feet were pointing West, making me lay diagonally in the bed, and fell out twice, Hahahhah!

I was having a nightmare of a job figuring out the sheets when I was half asleep, and after almost falling out a third time I was to the point I was gonna give up on sleep so I slowly woke up, then realized the trouble with the blanket was that my feet were off the bed at the far end, always a good thing to find your feet properly attached, and my right shoulder hanging midair on the other like I was a Human Compass.

Par on my Course...

Setting Sun
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May. 13th, 2013 @ 11:53 am Long Term Project...
I'm growing a climin tree!

Figure it will take take ten to twenty years but if you look at the large size by clicking on the photo you'll see it's pruned to be a living ladder for some youngster in the future...

Ten Year Project
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May. 12th, 2013 @ 09:40 am Hidden in Plain Sight!
I do it all the time without smoke and mirrors but I completely outdid myself last year when I bought the Centipede seed to replant the yard.

I made a point of putting sixed pounds of the sand sized, thirty bucks a pound, apparently made of Gold, in an "Never would fergit" spot.

It's gotta be in the bottom garage or workshop or office where I stored my bike I've had since I was twenty and will become the future summers project of turning that space into an Emergency relocate my wife bedroom if it is gonna be a really really bad Hurricane.

I spent a good six hours sorting shelves and digging though storage bins yesterday, and being that I got all six pounds for the cost of one cause it was too late to plant it and technically it's shelf life would expire. You can store seeds for ages though if you do it right. I saw the jars sometime around Christmas I seem to recall, and hope to heck I didn't decide to put it in the computer room which only has a path through it and piles of computer parts I kept after thinned out all the 56k modems and archaic things I had left over since the wreck and had the litte ISP in town.

I've already put a lotta effort into this regrade the yard so having to buy seed I hadn't budgeted for irks me, and I know as I do and plant it, I'll find the old seed hahhaha!

I have to plant soon so I can also put out rye grass that will grow fast but die off in six weeks from the heat. Instant hay though cause to germinate Centipeded you need to water it for thirty days just to get it to sprout, and the rye shades the ground so it doesn't dry up every day by noon plus holds the sand in place long enough for the Centipede to take it's place, weed free since the straw I could get here and spread out over it to keep the ground moist is full of stuff I don't want growing in the yard after spending months kiling off everything.

Also raising all the sprinkler heads, putting a four inch length of pipe around them then pouring concrete squares even with the grade, and the heads half inch below so they might survive being driven over...

I made the driveway two cars wide at it's narrowest but I replace at least two every year because in the South people love to park in the grass! ;o)

I found a roll of UV cable while searching for the seeds and I'm half way considering putting lights along the drive every where a sprinkler is!

Redoing the Spriklers whil I'm at it!
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May. 3rd, 2013 @ 02:51 pm I'm Dumbfounded~
Still wheelbarrowing sand to low spots in the front yard and building berms to direct the rainwater from the road to the back yard without flooding my drainfield again.

The other side of the yard I didn't even touch yet, a good seven more yards, except I fixed the ten inch deep ruts from the dump wheels.

Worked out well cause I really wanted to spread out the areas I collected the street water, and it's just sand up here so I set two hoses running fast enough to totally flood the place for hald a day but not start running out of control down hill. Took the jet sprayer then and just shot the sand out from under the grass that was doing well and it washed the sand out into the craters and after an hour or so of spraying all the sand was decompressed, the roots of the grass were pretty much undisturbed, and I had ten feet of additional run off fotage. Just let it dry out to settle and then smoothed it flat with loose new sand.

Should grow right back in!

What I can't understand about this entire situation is why am I so tired shovlin up hill for four hours when the other day Alex and I spent a good seven hours of me watchin him shovelin while I did this and that, like fixing the ruts by the road, and felt great at the end of the day?

And why am I getting offers for Prepaid Funerals now?

Still Wheelbarrowin and Rakin!
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May. 2nd, 2013 @ 09:58 am The Front Yard Project.
My front yard had gotten over run with Crab Grass so I killed most everything and when I was sure it was all dead to the roots which can be like three feet long, I burnt the thatch off.

I had twenty yards of sandy loam delivered and dumped in two spots after a night of hard rain but before it started back up again. I'm washing the sand out from under the grass that was run over to make the low spot along the road for water longer to I'm less likely to get ruts in the yard, and I'm steering the water away from my drain field to either the driveway or the aqueduct system on the lot line, and spreading an inch or two of sand over the totally bare spots so the seeds can be raked in easily.

Hopefully it will grow this time. The really funny thing is that the lot I take care of next door is covered in weed free centipede that spread from my yard cause I have my sprinklers on the lot line set at three sixties. If the woods ever catch fire I have a setting on the timer to run the zone covering the entire lot line for two hours, and that's also why I generally rake it and keep any underbrush from growing up.

Plan Ahead.

I've actualy got the upstairs framed so I can add a stair case to the roof and put in a widows walk for a telescope if I ever get the urge, and ran plumbing to the spot on the floor that would end up being directly under the top step cause I was gonna add a sprinkler system on the roof but never got around to it hahhaha!

I did have the sense to put a water spicket for a hose in the guest suite bathroom and have a hundred foot garden hose with nozzle that will reach anywhere in the attic in case of a fire.

Still can't stay on topic LOL!

Anyways for the next couple days I'll be using the wheel barrow a lot, and I'm actually glad were set for a rainy week cause that will settle it all out and I'll just need to let it dry and give it a final raking to even it up, plants the seeds and set the sprinklers and wait sixty days...

Twenty Yards of "Dirt"

Alex Hard at It!

Long Days Work
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Apr. 30th, 2013 @ 01:21 pm Weeds!
LOL, If these were in the yard I'd have killed them by now.

I tried to grow a climbing rose there but it doesn't get enough sun and passed on, except Debbie seems to think she'll eventually get a four leaf looks like clover but isn't, "Lucky Charm"...

I think I'm gonna spend a dollar on some kind of flower seeds and tell her she could plant them there if she wants hahhahaha!

Still waiting on the dirt but the bottom level is pretty close to being able to get rid of the Jag. I need to find out what they are gonna load the engine on cause if it's a trailer I need to get my engine hoist refitted with new wheels and the ram I got long ago.

I actually know where the ram is! I was gonna make an extremely manual log splitter out of it but thought it out and it would have taken longer to make one split than to bust it all up with a maul, so chance favoring the prepared mind, other than possibly needing to move the mounts on the post a bit I have the one part I was lacking from 20 years plus ago to put it back together. The original ended up getting stolen when I moved from Pennsacola out here originally to the farm in Mossey Head. Rented a big 100 year old farm house for next to nothing after I met my new neighbors while camping out and clearing some space, making a dog pen, and building a shed to save a $2500 service pole hooked to nothing, or hooking it to any kind of structure making it free.

Once the shed had power I looked at the thing and decided to make it bigger and a cabin to live in while I went to West Florida for math or something except thinking real hard i was in RN school working at Baptist.

I am seriously tangental. The point about the house was I had a living room packed with bodyshop tools so losing the ram wasn't the end of the world cause it was hard work, and why I strayed from cultivating Weeds to when I fist bought the farm hahhaha!

Sorry! I'll get better I promise!

(I admit to scanning the pedals for a four leafer but that's really so I can yank it, then get rid of the rest LOL.)

Decptive Weeds!
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Apr. 29th, 2013 @ 07:53 am The Past is Real
Got the Scars to prove it!

Riddle me this...

You made me Insane but truthfully I was never Normal to begin with LOL.
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Apr. 28th, 2013 @ 01:55 pm Good Thing the Liberty Fire department knows me so Well...
I was running the whole house fan last night cause it was so nice and cool, decided to finish cleaning up the back yard to attempt to grow grass back there to this summer, and forgot the fan was on...

Set off all the smoke detecters except the one on the alarm system.

Dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing but it's right next to the louvers for the fan so the air was likely going so fast it appeared clear.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.

Just another OOPS.

It's a daily thing for me.

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Apr. 28th, 2013 @ 10:06 am Better than a Toaster!
A Month to Mary's Bday...

I got her a very very clean, practically never used laptop with decent sized keys but not so big she can't hold it.

Kid took it to middle school and his "Techy" friend twice tried to install Linux and I suspect a dual boot, and wiped out windows 7.

The stickers on the bottom of a laptop will practically never be the actual key, it's a compact, lousy tech supoort, buy HP, tech center is in Texas and you can understand what people are saying, but I seriously doubt they are gonna provide the correct key especially since it's out of waranty and I'm the second owner, so I'm gonna pull the hard drive, plug it into a USB fits any drive made Gizmo and see if the restore to original folder still survives, cause the keys built into it. If that doesn't work I'll search the drive for keys and should have whatever version of Win 7 was on it and try to reninstall from scratch.

Should be able to delete the Lynux, format C:, put it back together and if I'm lucky have it back to the day it was bought.

If not I'll start her off easy with XP. or maybe with win2000 which I always liked, and will make it a bit safer to let her learn on as far as undoing her mistakes hahhaha!

Laptop for Mary59
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Apr. 26th, 2013 @ 09:32 am Told Ya!
The drain field still is three inches too high to reconnect it to the tank but we've been taking it easy washing clothes so fortunately the second chamber is still empty LOL.

Gonna be a nice day so hoping it trickles down enough I can reconnect it all tonight. I'll work on the forms for the risers though so that will keep me busy.

Was also pondering getting a couple more fittings and running compressed air into the drain field with all the compressors running. I have airlines plumbed into the house with connections on every floor, even the attic and I'm betting with all of them running I could add a regulator before I hit the pipe and keep twenty PSI on it all day. Not sure if that would be enough but it seems air being forced into the ground would drag some moisture along with it so I might give it a try...

Gonna also if I get time sand blast my engine hoist, then weld new casters on it. I've had a new jack to fit it for three years now haahha. I procrastinate and always have too many things going on at the same time still.

It's a Curse. OCD Cubed.

Seven Hundred pound rated greaseable casters...

In steel!

700 Pound Casters
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Apr. 25th, 2013 @ 04:54 pm I'm Back!
/me Doesn't even hear a pin drop let alone anyone shufflin in thier seats...

I've been using FaceBook as a blog and dunno why cause I mostly write so I can look back on a day and see what I did. This though is really where I should be writing this stuff so I'm changing my habits.

I can't remember when I did things but I do Remember doing them, and I actually printed out the first couple years of my LJ after bonkin my head and look back sometimes and just laugh at the puzzles I used to be able to just dream up mixing words and metaphores.

Often Clear headed now though so I doubt the riddles will ever be back LOL, and my posts will likely be as rambling and boring as what follows...

Septic Solutions!

A Pun!

I've been in the process of more or less killing off 90% of the grass in the front yard because it had been taken over by crab grass. Timed it so the Centipede was still dormant and spots are starting to turn green so that's a head start on reseeding it. Burned off the yard to to save me from having to thatch it, and that actually stimulates Centipede into sending runners out and start spreading really well, probably cause it is a natural grass here, the entire 2 acres at the trailer is wild centipede and by burning it for a few years long ago it used to have an excellent lawn till the tenent before Eddie lived there and didn't cut the yard so it got over grown with weeds.

Eddies got a riding mower and a Grandson LOL! I'm a firm believer in child labor, but the trick is to make it fun and teach them something at the same time...

My Dad had me helping pour concrete drives when the neighborhood was brand new and the neighbors got together and poured everyones drive in a team effort for a summer or two. I started doing the edging but was using a float after my internship, and getting paid to push wheel barrows, steel ones, to do patios and such where the truck couldn't reach when I was ten hahhaha!

My Dad's got a PhD in Electrical Engineering and has his name on a slew of patents but he can do pretty much anything so he started me on woodworking at four making the Family kitchen table and a desk that was always in my room growing up but he commondered for his home office. By the time I was ten I was allowed to use the table saw by myself if I called him at work and asked permission first...

Lost Again! LOL

The Septic Tank...

Since the grass over the drain field was no more, and we've had some serious rains lately, the water that normally gets stopped by the grass perked down and saturated the ground so bad it backfilled the tank. The tanks way lower than normal, the Health Department cut me some slack cause the ground perks so well and I would have practiacally had to grade a cliff in the front yard to have it close enough to the surface by grading right in front of the house flat, then suddennly right up to the road. I also had graded it as a shallow basin to collect rain water since I didn't have a sprinkler system until a year or two ago, can't remember!

It took two full days for the drain field to empty after the tank was pumped. After it stopped trickling out, since I had the opportunity I took the piping to the drain field and ran it up above the ground so I could pump in root killer in an ingenious manner!

The granuals are slow to disolve, and my drain field is huge so I needed to be sure it didn't just clump up at the beginning but get dissolved completely to cover the entire field, not just inside the pipes themselves. I took a water pump meant to suck up spills on concrete or tile, meaning it's practically flush to the ground, got some fittings so I could put a soft plastic tube on it instead of a hose, stuck it in a garbage can, dumped the pellets around it, set the hose to fill the can pretty close to what the pump took out, and in 30 minutes I had completely dissolved the pellets and sent the liquid into the drain field. Then I stuck the hose on full and pumped enough water back into the drain field until I had it coming up the green pipe about two feet higher than the tank. Should take a day to soak into the ground around the pipes so tommorrow I can connect it as it's meant to be.

Have a load of what passes for dirt around here, 20 yards of it, being delivered Saturday so I can turn the basin into a Molehill. That will direct the rain water to the drive which is actually an aqueduct self cleaning system that empties into the dog pen, cleaning the top half of that pen to, or else to the grass aqueduct on the side yard.

It will be dumped about 20 feet from where I need most of it, and the furthest I'll have to wheel barrow the rest to spread all over the yard is 70 feet and uphill just a wee bit...

I've been thinking I need to post to my blog cause I start talkin and can't stop LOL.

I wasn't like that before the wreck, I kept to myself, but these ramblings are far too long for FB I'm thinking so I'll be mostly over here...

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Feb. 25th, 2013 @ 01:02 pm I'll be Right back!
Hah! Promise!

Almost caught up with a few serious nightmares that landed on my shoulders near the last half of last year but as soon as I get the house in town rented I can get back to posting things.

Been tweaking my network to relax. Got a pro bono year of ultra high speed after spending some time with thier single person at the time the M-Card networked tv tuners I have that save me twenty bucks a month since it's like six bucks for two cards versus twenty eight for two boxes that I never used anyways.

I collect Shuttle PC's, Have a slew with near perfect cases, two in vintage polished alunimum, wiped the drives, put win7 ultimate on them, dissabled just about every service that I would never use from these pc's except to get online with a browser, and start WMC automatically. Two dual band servers cascaded, static IP's and a dedicated wired link between the two. Four 450 mbs wireless connections bridged together and have the load on all the wireless devices in the house balanced out pretty well.

Even used a wireless USB hub to install a NeatDesk to a three tera external drive cause it works great but builds huge files and shortly would take over the ProBook.

Not supposed to work on a network and definately since they are pushing a cloud service for a monthly fee they were pretty adimant ad also they insisted it had to save all the data to the C drive, external drives would only work as back up...

I didn't see any real reason for it not to work, in the old days I used to install all my programs on a second drive with windows in it's own small drive so I could reinstall windows every other month, cause its Windows, and rebuild a few short cuts and all my stuff was "installed and backed up".

Use a regular usb hub and wired cable to install the software, had the drive on the same hub, installed it on the external drive by duplicating the path all the way up, just changed drive letter. Shut down completely and restarted. Opened the program then went through the check for updates, went through the same process of switching drives to install them on the exteernal drive instead of common files which I had duplicated completely on the external drive since I had no way of knowing which windows file it might use. Switched to the wireless hub, set it to only come on when I want it, I click a couple buttons and the drive and Neatdesk pop online for me to use, it's working fine but I just got it and not caught up on really how to use it properly, but it saves everything off of the laptop, and the connection to it and the laptop is dedicated so I'm not breaking any rules making it work the way they said it definately wouldn't!


Anyways the stripped down Shuttles actually run WMC pretty well meaning I have one in place of a TV, and the monitor in the Caregivers room is a TV as well, but justs gets the bottom QAM.

Wireless keyboard and remote is your clicker, plus the TV / Monitor has a remote. The one in the Guest suit has a thirty four inch screen, and by putting everything wireless on it's own channel, anyone can watch HD while the person in the room next door is playing YouTube favorites on shuffle...

Sort of like being able to flush the toilet while someing is taking a shower and not hearing a screen.

Another plus is I used twelve Terabytes to build a RAID5 NAs that is bottomless, and although with the exception Of Doctor Who I seldom watch TV, I've been building up a library of movies by keeping a list with a pen on the island and if anyone thinks of a movie they jot it down and I set it up to record if it is every broadcast, so automatically I am slowly building up a library for guests.

I needed to blow off some steam hahahha!

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